The Issues

The County Clerk has broad responsibility over a number of areas where our County government could be better representing Oklahoma County residents. There are three areas BC plans to hit the ground running on modernizing and demystifying our county’s government operations.

Fixing What’s Broken

Have you visited any of Oklahoma County’s online portals? They’re… Not easy to use. In fact, often they appear broken even when functioning normally. The County Clerk is charged with upkeep of these important online resources. BC has a plan to:

  • Work with IT to redesign County resource websites with the average Oklahoma County user in mind; they should be simple to use
  • Improve the navigability of County portals to reduce the number of clicks and searches you have to do to find what you need
  • Make online portals mobile-friendly
  • Cut the fluff – the County website is bogged down in jargon and musings that get in the way of usability


An important part of record-keeping is the ability for the public to access those records. While some efforts have been made to modernize the accessibility of records and meetings, Oklahoma County is still far behind the curve in terms of technology and user access. BC has a plan to audit and improve the accessibility of County records.

We must enhance access for those with disabilities:

  • Improve and broaden the use of accessibility technology during live-streamed meetings
  • Implement technologies to remove usability barriers online for residents who are blind or deaf

And we must also make it clear how to access and retrieve records, what’s available, and how to make it happen as easily as possible. Navigating County government should be simple.


Anyone who has watched or participated in an Oklahoma County public meeting has seen the struggles: confusion over how public comment works, when meetings and events are held, even understanding the flow of the agenda. It’s the County Government’s job to ensure citizens are informed about how to exercise their voice in government. BC wants to ensure that County government operates as an open and approachable community.

We must overhaul our County government’s communication and responsiveness:

  • Improve communication around the public’s participation in meetings
  • Overhaul social media accounts to provide more and better communication about County business, meetings, and events

The Budget Board

When our new County Clerk is elected, the budgeting process for the next fiscal year will be starting. The new County Clerk will have an impact on the next two years of county budgeting. BC will be a voice on the County Budget Board for frontend services: services for those experiencing poverty, crises, or experiencing other circumstances that might involve them with the criminal legal system or with county government.

We need a County Clerk who will be an advocate for diversion programs, mental health services, and housing assistance. BC wants to see a compassionate county government that gives folks a helping hand in times of need.

That’s who we are as Oklahomans. And it is how we break cycles, we eliminate deaths in the county jail, and we stem the tide on homelessness. That is how we fix some of the most broken aspects of daily life for Oklahoma County residents.

Together, we can do this!

We need your help! If an open, accessible, and functional Oklahoma County government is important to you, join BC in fighting for new ideas a refreshing dose of transparency.