About BC (and family)

BC is a lifelong Oklahoman who values civic engagement, responsible government, and transparency in leadership. He knows the County Clerk job is boring, hard work. And he’s here for it.

BC has spent the past 8 years of his career working at CASA of Oklahoma County, where he is the Director of Communications. His public outreach and fundraising work helps support the service of hundreds of volunteer superheroes who advocate for foster youth in court.

Growing up in Catoosa, BC spent a lot of time hunting, fishing, and biking across the countryside. He now serves as the Game and Fish Commissioner for Oklahoma City’s Ward 6, appointed by Mayor David Holt in 2019.

BC has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Master’s Degree in Administrative Leadership.

Forgive the dramatic lens flare – we do our best to protect baby’s digital footprint. -BC

But enough about the candidate, look at that family! BC lives with his brilliant and encouraging partner Anna, their delightful daughter Ev, and doggo Samantha. They’re all excited about this campaign – and hope you are too! Will you join us today?

What is a County Clerk?

The County Clerk’s office serves as the secretary for all Oklahoma County meetings. This responsibility includes facilitating the technology for the meetings and recording the meeting minutes. However, the County Clerk has many other duties and responsibilities:

Oklahoma County Budget Board

The County Clerk also sits on the Oklahoma County Budget Board, as one of eight members. The Oklahoma County Budget Board votes on budgeting recommendations, which then move on to the Board of County Commissioners to accept or reject.

Decisions made by the Budget Board impact issues that are deeply important to Oklahoma County residents. These include the new jail, how to spend federal funds, and how to mitigate the housing crises in our cities.

Making and Receiving Payments

This includes a number of different transactions:

  • Oklahoma County’s monthly payroll
  • Oklahoma County retiree disbursements
  • Paying all vendors who supply materials for OK County employees

Open Meetings Act Compliance

For local government entities and boards to comply with the Open Meetings Act, they are required to file notices of their regularly scheduled meetings with the County Clerk.

Registrar of Deeds

The County Clerk is the ex-officio Registrar of Deeds and is charged with the duties and functions of this office, which include maintaining:

  • A record of all military discharges
  • All city charters
  • Powers of attorney
  • Trust agreements
  • Final decrees
  • Divorce decrees (when real estate is involved)
  • An accurate and up to the minute record on every piece of property

Processing and Maintaining Uniform Commercial Code UCC Filings

These filings are made by creditors and involve the sales of personal property and various other transactions. Buying a business or a vehicle generally ends up with UCC paperwork getting filed at the County Clerk.