Nothing more than that. Are you out of mayo? Use one part eggs to three parts oil (I use peanut or olive), a couple squirts of mustard, a pinch of salt and paprika, and a stick blender to make mayo in 16 seconds.Read More →

I like meat.  Particularly, I like cooking meat in the most effective and flavorful way possible.  It’s the holiday season, so I recently had the pleasure of breaking down both a duck and a turkey.  Video below, prep tips after the jump. Aimee and I love duck.  One bird mayRead More →

The last few years have been an interesting time for churn for OKC area grocers. In 2011, Sprouts (then called Sunflower Market) set up its first store in the area. Since then, we’ve added Whole Foods, Uptown Grocery, and Trader Joe’s. Now Costco is eyeing potential locations. Homeland and BuyRead More →