#52in52 Week 47: Rosalyn Brooks

#52in52 Week 47: Rosalyn Brooks

The 47th week of 2017 brought with it Thanksgiving.  As is now family tradition, it was up to me to purchase, brine, and cook the Thanksgiving turkey.  And so it felt appropriate for this week to be coronated as Rosalyn’s week on my blog.  It’s rare I get to spend quality time with my lovable and precocious little niece.  Since I was the one footing the bill for her Thanksgiving meal, the opportunity was ripe for me to try to get to know her brilliant young mind a little better.

When I first burst through the door, Rosalyn was surprised and startled to see me.  But she soon embraced me in a leaping hug that brought her right into my arms.  She spotted my Tamagotchi.  I let her play with it, teaching her what each button did.  She fell in love with the digital critter and carried it around the rest of the weekend.

It was a great day for television.  Parades.  Movies.  The annual dog show.

We watched a lot of TV together.

We also played with chalk.  Rosalyn’s imagination still outruns her hands, but she certainly loves to draw.  I can’t wait to see her creations.  That day we drew footprints and snow people and globes.  She was keen to help me with the polar ice caps and clouds.

Aaand more television.  That’s her brother Ender.  He’s a quiet and stubborn little boy with a good heart.

Then we went outside to see what my parents’ pecan trees had produced this year.  With all the year’s rain, the harvest was bountiful.  I taught her how to find them — and most importantly, how to look for worm holes.  She became more concerned about the bad pecans than the good, though, and wanted to show me every pecan with a hole in it.  It became contingent on myself and the rest of the family to pick up the slack as Rosalyn opted to hunt for bugs.

But eventually we had a surplus of nuts and went inside.  As Rosalyn watched the nutcracker mechanism fracture and hull the shells, she decided she should be in charge of it.  And so went the afternoon.

The turkey was perfect, following my time-tested method.  In my Thanksgiving night shopping, I was able to buy Rosalyn a Tamagotchi of her own, too.  Seems the re-release of the retro computerized pet was perfectly timed for my niece’s newfound fascination.

I always feel like I don’t get enough time with Rosalyn when I do get to see her.  She’s a sweet genius of a little girl with a strong head and passionate heart.  She will be a force to be reckoned with one day.  I wish her teachers the best, as she will be quite a fireball in the classroom the next twelve years.

Anytime I think I might not want to have children, or perhaps couldn’t handle having children, I think about how incredible of a person young Rosalyn is.  So full of life, wonder, and promise.  So full of hope, joy, and charm.  She’s high on my list of my favorite people in the world.  She makes me proud.  She fills me with love.

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